Jun 282016
Clean and deodorize without harsh oxidizers. It’s a non-acidic cleaner that deodorizes as it removes scale, stains andZep Non Acid Bowl Cleaner AMRR00301 scum. Plus it’s safe to use on everything from toilet bowls to tile, sinks, showers and bathroom fixtures. Just apply, let stand, scrub and rinse. Application : Bowl Cleaner Applicable Material : Ceramics, Enamel, Fiberglass, Metal, Plastic, Vinyl Dirt Types : Grime, Mildew, Mineral Scale, Mold, Organic Matter, Soil, Stains Scent : Fresh Physical Form : Liquid Packing Type : Bottle Capacity (Volume) : 32 oz
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  1. Non Acid cleaner but still a tough cleaner. Thanks Mel for changing us over from our acid cleaner.

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